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Park Family Tree



The above is a photo of my Great Grandfather (he looks a bit snooty), Great Grandmother and all their family but one. I think the young fellow at the rear on the left hand side is my Grandfather (Archibald Park). All the rest are my fathers uncles and aunts. Although my father new all their names he wasn't sure about who was who. Alexander and Elizabeth Park lived in Morningside all their life. Elizabeth's nee name was Laird and she came from Airdrie. Alexander worked in one of the coal mines in the area (I think as a manager). You can see from the above attire the family were reasonably well off. Alexander's father was Archibald Park born in Rutherglen 1844 to James Park (d.o.b 24/08/1815) and Marion Mckay. James was a hand Loom weaver. Jame's parents were Archibald Park and Janet Brown. Anyway going back a little Archibald Park (d.o.b.1844) married Marion Finlayson. Although Marion was born in New Lanark her parents came from Lochcarron. Her father was a letter deliverer. My father said he was well known as he used to distribute the mail wearing his kilt. Archie and Marion resided at 2 New Row Morningside for the rest of their lives. Of course they had a son Alexander my Great Grandfather who is shown in the photo above.  My father's mother was Frances McCartney who came from the village of Law. He still has a photo of her which portrays a very attractive, dark haired  slender figured lady. She died when my father was around five years of age. His older sister Peggy was left to bring him up.  It was about eight years later the family moved from Morningside to 30 Meadowfield Place in Bonkle.  Although I don't know their Morningside address I could take you to where the house was situated in what was then Mill Road.

for further info go to

 On my mothers side her maiden name is Baillie. Now the Baillie name is a derivative of Balliol. John Balliol was the king of Scotland from 1292 until 1296. His nick name was Toom Tabbard. My mothers father was David Baillie he was brought up on Morningside farm. This was on Mill Road Morningside. My mothers mother's nee name was Binnie, she came from a family of brewers in Edinburgh.


Most of the information above was supplied by Mrs. Barr from Larkhall. We had the same Great Great Grandparents and she has spent quite a number of years tracing our ancestry.                     

I was looking forward to claiming fame via Mungo Park or Willie Park the Golfer but it doesn't look like it. However, if anybody has more information I would be delighted to add it to the above. I do remember reading somewhere that the "Park" surname first appeared in the Renfrew area around the 12th / 13th century so I suppose this could tie in with Rutherglen.


I've received three letters from a company called Georgeson in Bristol about John Lawrie Hamilton Park who used to stay in Bellshill Road Motherwell. I don't think there's any relationship but I'm not sure. It'll probably be the case that Lawrie is his mother's nee name and Hamilton is his grandmother's nee name. Seemingly there's assets lying there for him or his next of kin. At first I thought it was some kind of scam but when I googled it it seems authentic.

When I was up visiting my Dad last weekend he mentioned that we were related to Robert Burns. In the later years of Burn's life he fathered a daughter with a barmaid in the Globe Tavern in Dumfries. Her name was Anna Park and the child's name was Elizabeth Park. So, maybe that's where my talent comes from.       For more info go to






That's me right in the middle. Yes I used to be shy. Taken in Meadowfield Place Bonkle. I still wear braces to this day. Funny that isn't it. What a difference to the top picture on this page. My grandfather stayed at 30 Meadowfield Place.