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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:- How much information do you require ?

A:- The more the better, detail specifications of any parts that may be involved or even a scanned sketch would help the process greatly. If there’s any architect’s or engineer’s drawings available then obviously these would be required. dwg. format is preferred. Digital photos are always useful.


Q:- How long does a drawing take ?

A:- Time really depends on the complexity of the drawing required. However I am not adverse to working at night or over the weekend when required.


Q:- How much will a drawing cost ?

A:- Obviously the cost of a drawing depends of the time taken. Please contact me for a free quotation.


Q:- How will I receive my drawing once it’s finished ?

A:- You will be informed when the drawing is ready and an invoice will be ”e” mailed or faxed or to you. On receiving payment two paper copies of the drawing will be posted to you. Alternatively, the drawing can be “e” mailed to you in the file format required ie .dwg .dwf .dxf .pdf etc.




Thanks for email . Could you please send me costing details for yourself to do drawings for us  and how would we go about getting all the information to you ie would you visit us to get details or do you draw them on a lap top at our office ?

Cheers David Speirs


Hi David
Thanks for responding to my "e" mail. Normally fabricators "e" mail me
engineers and sometimes architects drawings with site sizes. I then work out a price
and send them a quote. However it is a good idea for me to visit you initially to find out how you like things done. Are you in Fenwick? Currently I'm costing work at £20 per hour.
I prefer to work at home where I have a 24" screen. It makes the work a lot easier.