Frankie Boyle 29 05 2015

Two of the biggest names in Scottish comedy will team up on the red carpet to premier their movie debut. Frankie Boyle plays a recovering alcoholic in Greg Hemphill's first film as a director. The pair's dark comedy, Gasping, has been selected for screening in a showcase of new film shorts by the 'most promising emerging film makers' Comedian Boyle is unrecognisable as the heavily bearded boozer Harvey Higgins in the film which mirrors his own battles with drink. Boyle, 42, who is now tea-total after quitting alcohol in his 20's, plays the overworked business man given an ultimatum by his wife when his life starts spiraling out of control.   Written by Still Game star Hemphill, 45, the film plots how he decides that working in a Whisky Distillery might be the only way to curb his addiction. The film has been included in next month's Edinburgh International Film Festival. Film buff Hemphill made Gasping around Perth, Glasgow and Dumfries last year. He said: 'If you live in Scotland, there is likely to be someone close to you who has a drink problem. It is something that effects almost everybody.    'Although the film is a comedy, just because you make light of something doesn't mean that you cannot treat it seriously. 'Frankie is brilliant in it. That's why I wrote it with him in mind.' Carolynne Sinclair Kidd, the film's producer, said 'It's a calling card for both entertainers. The film is going to do well in festivals and do really well in raising Greg's profile as a director. That is what all short films are for.


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