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Fracking Fracking is the process of drilling into the earth before a high pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release gas inside.


Fracking will destroy Britain as we know it. by Richard Ellis

Fracking won't produce the results claimed. The U.K. is not America: It's a small , crowded island, and we don't have the same wide-open spaces to destroy. If the whole country were fracked, it still wouldn't produce enough oil or gas to lower prices prices significantly. There will be no economic bonanza, just environmental destruction. The US has 40 times the UK's land area and one-eighth it's population density. If it is fracked a million acres, it wouldn't affect that many people. On average each of us uses less oil than someone in the US, but we still use 3 1/2 times more oil per square mile because our population is so much more dense. We would have to frack proportionately 3 1/2 times as much area to get the same economic impact. But as each square mile fracked affects eight times as many people in the US, we would adversely affect 20 times as many people to get the same economic impact. At £10,000 per household, would this be economical viable? Tidal power is the solution. Both moving at the same, a cubic metre has a 1,000 times has a 1,000 times as much energy as a cubic metre of air. Tidal power is consistent, always available twice a day and doesn't produce greenhouse gases. It will produce energy as long as the moon circles the earth. We are surrounded by the sea and are experts in maritime engineering. We ought to be world leaders in tidal power. There are already tidal power systems in the Faroes and South Korea. New tidal power projects could employ the 1,000 dockers made redundant in Portsmouth a year ago.  Instead of putting money into the nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, we could put a few billion into several tidal power companies. The Severn Estuary could develop 8 per cent of the UK's power requirements, about the same as Hinkley Point C, with no risk of radiation, no decommissioning costs and no terror risks.


Fracking sites 'Make you ill'

Living near a fracking site almost doubles the risk of suffering migraines, chronic sinus problems and fatigue, research suggests. The US study of 7,785 adults found that 23 per cent suffered from migraines, 25 per cent severe fatigue, and 24 per cent chronic rhinosinusitis. And those who met the criteria for two or more or more of these health conditions were nearly twice as likely to live closer to more or larger wells, the authors from Johns Hopkins University wrote in the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives.  


Tycoon Jim Ratcliff at war with SNP over Fracking 

Scotland will never be able to afford independance unless it lifts its ban on fracking, a billionaire energy tycoon warned. Ineos boss Jim Ratcliff, whose firm owns the Grangemouth Refinery, said if Nicola Surgeon refuses to allow the gas drilling process, her separatist dream will not be viable. He also accused SNP Ministers of 'hypocrisy' for welcoming Ineos's decision to import US shale gas to save the Grangemouth plant while imposing a moratorium on fracking. His comments came in an explosive interview with the Scottish Daily Mail in Ney York, just weeks before the Scottish government is set to unveil the results of it's research into the controversial drilling technique. Mr Ratcliff's views will make unwelcome reading for nationalist ministers and party members, many of who may opposed to fracking. The British Billionaire who owns 60 per cent of chemical giant Ineous, pointed out that the economic case for independence is already heavily reliant on the volatile oil industry.  Speaking at the ICIS  Kavaler award gala in New York on Wednesday night, he said: 'If I look at Scotland as a independent State, the North Sea is not what it was, At $60 per barrel oil, the North Sea doesn't really make any money, and secondly, there is no real investment going on, nobody wants to invest in the North Sea at $60 oil because unfortunately it is an expensive base.   

Daily Mail 16 09 2016


Another fracker on SNP's think tank.

A second member of a commision advising Nicola Surgeon on rthe economic blueprint for an independent Scotland has emerged as a fracker supporter. Dan Macdonald, an SNP donor appointed to it's growth Commision last week, published a report in the last weeks of the independence referendum campaign claiming Scotland could become a global leader in the process. He said underwater fracking could double the amount of revenue generated from the north sea. At the time his N-56 business claimed it could could be worth up to £2trillion.  Mr. Macdonald, the founder and chief executive of the Macdonald estates hotel company, was appointed to the commission by miss Sturgeon. He joins felllow fracking enthusiast Graeme Blackett of Bigger Economics, who will act as an economic adviser to the commision. He has previously claimed drilling underground coal and turning it into gag -- a technique almost --  identical to fracking. could give the economy a £13 million boost and create up to 12,000 jobs. The commission is expected to discuss whether the current moratorium on fracking should be ended. Scottish Labour environment spokesman Claudia Beamish said: 'The Scottish parliament voted for an outright ban on fracking. It would be wrong for the SNP to ignore the will of the Scottish Parliament. Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: 'The SNP should take a stand against the new frontier of fossil fuels that fracking represents. We say no fracking in Scotland. Scottish Tory energy spokesman Alexander Burnett said: 'As ever with the SNP, it's saying one thing in private and something completely different in public. An SNP spokesman  said: 'The remit of the Growth Commission is set out on the SNP's web site. Membership of the commission does not indicate support membership of the SNP.'


u-Turn ahead. Fracking crucial to the economy

Jim Ratcliff, the owner of Grangemouth refinery, has warned that Scotland will never be able to become an independent country unless it embraces fracking and reminded the government of the £15 million black hole in public finances.  He pointed out that shale gas imported from the US has saved 10,000 jobs in the Falkirk area. He has accused SNP Ministers of 'hypocrisy' for welcoming Ineos' decision to import US shale gas while imposing a moratorium on fracking. How true, especially when a Scottish Government report as already found that fracking can be done safely. Graeme Blackett, economic adviser to Nicola Sturgeon's new growth Commission set up to tackle Scotland's £15 billion deficit, is in favour of drilling underground coal and turning it into gas -- a technique almost identical to fracking  --   which would boost the economy by £13 billion and create up to 12,000 jobs. How long before Nicola Sturgeon has to admit that fracking is safe and will drive the Scottish economy. 

Motherwell Times

Why the SNP must get cracking with Fracking.

The head of Ineos says that his company generates perhaps 5 per cent of Scotland's GDP. (Gross Domestic Product) Why are the jobs and wealth they create dependant on gas imported from America when we in Scotland are sitting on tons of the stuff? Because the SNP would rather we were jobless and poor but 'free'  It's high time they abandoned the independence hot air and worried about keeping  the Power Stations running and people in jobs.  Nicola Ross Paisley


How English Fracking 'May heat Scottish Family Homes'

Scotland could be forced to rely on Shale Gas Fracked in England to heat homes, Nicola Sturgeon has been warned. Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson demanded the first Minister 'Gives the country some proper answers' whether the controversial process will be given the green light in Scotland. She said: 'Nobody is well served by  a GOVERNMENT that hides from view and kicks this into the long grass. Miss Davidson challenged Miss Sturgeon on the issue two days after the first  giant tanker filled with shale gas arrived at the Ineos chemical plant in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire from the U.S. 


The SNP really don't like tough decisions, Do they?. Always trying to be all things to all men, they vacillate, put off, and rely on external bodies for reports to put distance between themselves and tricky choices. Fracking is a case in point. The industry in America is mature now and gives the US an reliable, cheap domestic source of fuel to keep the power station running. There have been environmental errors but North Sea Oil, once the key foundation for the SNP's Independence hopes, has a spotty record too. As the first imported shale gas arrives in Grangemouth, the SNP are going to find that you can't always be the friend of your party members.  Tough and even unpopular decisions have to be taken in the Country's interests. How long before Nicolla Sturgeon realises to keep the lights on, we are going to have to frack the gas that sits in abundance under Scotland? It's a decision that needs a statesman like first minister, not a partisan  SNP Leader. Has Nicola got the metal.   Lynda Allan Falkirk

So there was no quayside delegation of SNP bigwigs -- usually usually so keen on on a hi-viz and hard hat photo photo opportunity to meet the first shale gas imports to Grangemouth. You can bet if it was a trendy and near useless wind turbine or Tidal Powered gizmo that was arriving, the would have been all over it. This country has frittered away   millions on renewables and wrecked the countryside with wind farms (subsidy farms more like, But fracking -- a proven technique -- is ruled out because of dogma and green mumbo jumbo. We simply cannot afford the SNP'S FIXATION ON RENEWABLES. Lets get Fracking instead.

Jim Logan Glasgow      


Fracking 'will pump £6.5bn into the economy' Raft of positive reports... but SNP says no decision till late next year.

Fracking could boast the Scottish economy by bringing £6.5 billion of investment and more that 3,000 jobs, experts have revealed. Yesterday the Scottish government released six independent reports, which were commissioned by ministers to access the impact of of unconventional oil and gas (UOG) extraction. Ahead of their release, Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse told the Scottish parliament MSP's would be given a vote on whether or not to allow fracking by the end of next year. The process of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, involves pumping water at high pressure into rock, forcing it to crack and release gas. It has, however, been criticised amid fears it could pollute water, devastate house prices, create greenhouse gases and even earthquakes. Researchers have argued that any negative impacts could probably be countered by 'robust regulation.'  An economic study by KPMQ found 3,100 jobs, could be created by allowing the process, while bringing investment of £6.5 billion. It also stated the Scottish economy could benefit by up to £4.6 billion by 200162 -- or 0.3 per cent of GDP -- while creating additional UK-WIDE TAX Receipts OF £3.9 Billion. But the report warned slow and poor progress would see only £5oo million invested and 370 jobs created by 2062. KGMP concluded it was too early to be drawn on fears that fracking could hit house prices in the surrounding areas. The government already has a moratorium on fracking in place and Mr. Wheelhouse said ministers commissioned the independent research as part of an 'evident --based approach'. A public consultation on whether or not fracking should get the go ahead will begin early next year.   Mr. Wheelhouse said this would 'not simply be an opinion poll' adding: 'Once the consultation closes and the results have been independently analysed and published, we will make our recommendation on the future of unconventional oil and gas and allow Parliament to vote on it.' He said after the vote, the Government would reach it's decision, pointing out that 'no one study can give a conclusive view on this industry'.  Last night Scottish Tory energy spokesman Alexander Burnett said : 'This is yet another missed opportunity for the Scottish Government to send a clear and positive signal to the Industry.  'Instead, we have more dithering and delays and a failure to recognise an opportunity to boost the economy and create jobs when the north Sea oil and gas industry is in decline.   Mr. Burnett accused ministers of ignoring for political reasons the scientific advice they had commissioned showing fracking is safe under the right regulatory regime. A British Geological Survey report on fracking and induced earthquakes found that, while the process did spark tremors, they were 'too small to be felt' However, Health Protection Scotland's assessment of public health impact found 'sufficient' evidence that cancer causing dust crystaline sillica occurred at levels that pose a risk to fracking workers. But the Quango reported there was 'inadequate evidence' that associated chemical hazards or nuisances posed a physical health risk.        Fracking has already been approved south of the Border. Chemical giant Ineous has secured the rights to frack near it's Grangemouth plant in Stirlingshire if given the go-ahead. 


SNP Dithers with public survey on fracking      by Michael Blackley Daily Mail 01 02 2017

SNP ministers closed in on a ban on fracking as they launched a public consultation. The four month survey will gauge the views of organisations and the public about the controversial drilling technique. Opponents accused the SNP of avoiding making a decision until after May's council elections. A moratorium on fracking was imposed in 2015 to allow the Scottish Government to carry out research. A 63 page document published yesterday says fracking would have a 'neutral' impact on greenhouse emissions, but probably not cut energy bills. But KPMG estimates fracking could bring investment of £6.5 million and create 3,100 jobs. Scottish Tory energy spokesman Alexander Burnett blasted the SNP's 'Spineless decision' and claimed the party was 'pandering to the left' because it didn't want to lose votes in May'. But Scottish Labour environment Spokes man Claudia Beamish said SNP ministers should 'get off the fence and back labour's call for a ban on fracking'.  Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said: 'Once the responses have been analysed, we will consider the full range of evidence and make our recommendation. We will come to a final decision by the end of 2017.'   


Storm as fracking debate is launched          by Andrew Nicoll the Sun 01 02 2017

The NATS were blasted by rivals last night as they launched their public debate on fracking. Labour accused the government -- who have refused to insist on a shale gas extradition ban -- of delaying the report findings until after May's council elections. MSP Claudia Beamish said: "It's time for nationalist ministers to get off the fence. "The last thing we need is another fossil fuel". But Tory Alexander Burnett called the SNP's stance "spineless" amid claims the energy scheme could create 1,400 jobs and £2.2 billion of industrial investment. 


Fracking Public views sought          Metro free daily newspaper 01 02 2017

The Scottish Government is asking the public whether they think fracking should be allowed in Scotland.  People have until the end of May to submit their views. A final decision is expected by the end of the year.  The Government has not set out a preferred position in the consultation document, stating it is taking a cautious evidence led approach'. A moratorium on unconventional oil and gas development has been in place in Scotland since January 2015. It prevents hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas, and coal bed methane extraction, from taking place while the Government investigates potential impact.  Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said yesterday: 'We want to create space for dialogue and allow different perspectives to come forward.' MSP's voted in favour of banning fracking last year.


 Over 10,000 have say on allowing fracking. by Michael Blackly  01-04-2017 The Daily Mail

More than 10,000 people have responded to a consultation on whether to allow fracking. The SNP began seeking public opinion on the issue two months ago. At Holyrood yesterday, Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said the Scottish Government would respect the will of Parliament when it makes it's decision by the end of this year. A moratorium on fracking was imposed in 2015to allow detailed research on the matter. Many in the SNP favour an outright ban -- which is supported by Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens. But the Tories say fracking could provide an economic boom.  Mr Wheelhouse said: 'We are adopting a carefully considered process for reaching a decision on the future of unconventional oil and gas that ensures the vies of the public, the evidence base and views of parliament are considered. Once the consultation closes and the results have been independently analysed and published, I reiterate our commitment  to present our recommendation to parliament and provide an opportunity to vote on it!   He added: 'We will respect the will of the parliament on this issue.' Scottish Tory energy spokesman Alexander Burnett said: 'We are non the wiser as to when a final decision will be made. The SNP need to start thinking about the long-term economic consequences of blocking an industry that provides an opportunity to reduce emissions, create jobs and increase our security of supply.'